Public Scholarship


Unstandardized English

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Gerald, J.P.B. (2020). Worth the Risk: Towards Decentring Whiteness in English Language Teaching. BC TEAL Journal5(1), 44-54. Retrieved from:

Gerald, J.P.B. (2020). Combatting the altruistic shield in English language teaching. NYS TESOL Journal, 22-25. Retrieved from:

Other Public Scholarship

May 2021

Gerald, J.P.B.; Ramjattan, V.A.; & Stillar, S. (2021, May 17) After Whiteness Part 1. Pass the Mic series. Retrieved from Language Magazine:

April 2021

Post at Medium, “It’s Time To Be Mean.”

March 2021

Moderator and panelist for Hunter College panel on Racism and Anti-Racism. Link goes to Youtube of recording.

December 2020

Post at Medium, “No More Half-Measures.”

October 2020

Post at Medium, “Do Black Students Matter to ‘Good’ White Parents?

August 2020

Bryan, K.C., & Gerald, J.P.B. (2020, August 17). The Weaponization of English. Pass the Mic series. Retrieved from Language Magazine:

July 2020

Gerald, J.P.B., & Debs, M. (2020, July 22). Answer Sheet: The huge problem with ‘pandemic pods’ suddenly popping up. Retrieved from The Washington Post:

Post at Medium, “The Same People.”

March 2020

Post at Medium – Identity, Education, and Power, “There Were Never Any Rules.”

November 2019

Gerald, JPB. (2019). Choosing the right name for racial discrimination in language studies. AAAL Graduate Student Newsletter, 7-9. Retrieved from:

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